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Newbold Road (Rugby) speeding issues- Please take action!

We the undersigned petition the council to We the undersigned demand that real, lasting traffic calming measures be placed along Newbold Road. For too long now, there have been numerous traffic accidents and near miss incidents along this road. We call on County Councillor Adrian Warwick and Warwickshire County Council Highways to take real action, such as traffic calming in order to make this area safer.

Local Rugby Labour Borough Councillors have been working alongside police and have held meetings with the local school to issue letters to parents at Avon Valley School to negate the issue of parking in the nearby streets. It was Labour councillors who confirmed the use of the car park near the school as the official space for parents and confirmed this through RBC.

It was Rugby Labour councillors who asked County Cllr Adrian Warwick to attend and review the parking on Yates, but he was reluctant to make alterations to resolve the issue.

It was Rugby Labour councillors who collated surveys a year ago calling for the councillor to resolve the issue of speed on Newbold Road. This was ignored and the excuse of black boxes in cars and GPS signals was provided. Councillor Warwick said the cars were under the speed limit. Local people have observed differently. It was local people who have complained bitterly about the traffic issue on Newbold Road to him at community meetings in Newbold and he afforded that black boxes should be in cars.

The data provided to Rugby Labour councillors show a number of incidents. Few of these incidents resulted in fatalities, yet were serious enough to obliterate a telegraph pole outside a school and plough through a school fence - this in the last year alone. We are concerned about potential deaths and safety around schools.

To claim that the average speed in 17mph will cause a wry chuckle. It would be more helpful to examine the range not the average. If you watch the video recorded you will see ambient traffic moving much faster than that - and that was outside the school area, never mind at the top of the village. We asked for 20mph speed signs but was told initially it was unenforceable.

Only the sitting Warwickshire County Councillor for Newbold, Cllr Warwick, can fix this issue - which is why we have co-operatively called for his help. It is only after being constantly ignored that we have had to push the issue to the fore.

Councillor Warwick and Warwickshire County Highways have a duty to co-operate with sitting councillors and residents instead of dodging responsibility to install safety measures upon local roads. We call on them to take real action now. This has gone on long enough.

Started by: Kieren Brown (Rugby Labour Party)

This petition ran from 23/06/2020 to 23/08/2020 and has now finished.

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